Fayette Friends of the Animal Shelter

Friends of the Fayette Alabama Animal Shelter. We are assisting the Shelter to find good homes for Shelter pets and working to eliminate unwanted pets in the Community.

This picture says EVERTHING about what Fayette Friends of the Animal Shelter is about.

This beautiful, loving puppy is getting the attention all pets crave. Phoebe, the puppy, is getting out of the Shelter for awhile. She is getting exercise and she is being seen and admired by people at Wal-Mart.

If all those things aren’t enough Jane Newman and Becky Henry gave public visibility to what we do and recruited some potential new members during that outing. Their time is serving “double duty”.

Thank you Jane and Becky! Everyone is encouraged to actually get your feet wet and go to the Shelter. Jane didn’t want to but she did and look how much good it is doing.


We Care

Finding a home for every pet is our goal!

We promote pre-adoption fostering and pet sponsorship.

We assist with shelter operations and pet care.

We want everyone to know what the Animal Shelter does for pets and our town.

Important!! If you must surrender a pet, bring it to the Fayette Animal Shelter.
Do not abandon a pet into the public with no home or caregiver.

Adoptable Pets

Any of these little guys would be a nice addition to your home.

Mother’s Honor Roll Campaign

Mother's Day Honor Roll Campaign$115$1000

WE are pet lovers!

We want every pet to be healthy and have a good, loving home.

There are a million opportunities for you to make a difference for deserving animals.

Monthly Meeting!

  We are making great strides because of people like you. Join us as we explore the next phase of achieving our goal of No Homeless Pets & No Abandoned...

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Fayette Civic Center, 534 Temple Ave N.
Fayette, SC 35555 United States
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