Up for a “Feel Good” story? Yeah, me too and we have a real-life one to share.

I like to think of this story as the Fayette, Shelter dog version of “Cinderella”.

Well once upon a time, (about two weeks ago) a hopelessly sweet, bewildered doodle was surrendered to the Fayette Animal Shelter. This poor dog had a loving attitude despite having been neglected and possibly lost for too long.

She was skinny and matted something awful. She was a mess and, yet, your heart melted when you saw her and she gently came to you for a pet on the head.

Seeing the plight of this matted, smelly mess of a canine baby doll, the Fairly Godmothers of the Fayette Friends of the Animal Shelter rolled up their sleeves and ran some warm water in the dog bathing tub at the Shelter. As soon as Cinderella was clean, there was the issue of the hopelessly matted “Doodle Hair”. A third and forth FOTAS fairy godmother began to cut the matted hair and make some headway toward brushing her. She was better, much better, but she needed a specialist.

Hearing the story of Cinderella Doodle, Kala Strickland invited her to a fancy ball at Diamond Dog Grooming in Fayette. Kayla had offered to help with Shelter pets before but the fairy Godmothers did not want to accept too much from the goodness of Diamond Dog’s sense of charity.

Cinderella Doodle presented the opportunity that pushed the fairy godmothers to accept the invitation to the ball at Diamond Dog.

So today was the day of the ball. Fayette Friends of the Animal Shelter Volunteer and fairy Godmother Donna D arrived at the Shelter in a Pumpkin converted into a pick-up truck and took Cinderella Doodle to the ball (at Diamond Dog).

Cinderella Doodle (CD) was greeted at the door by the handsome prince (figuratively speaking) Kayla Strickland. Cinderella Doodle was the envy of all of the other dogs because she was receiving so much attention from Kayla.

Soon the other dogs were whispering among themselves and plotting ways to make Cinderella less popular with Prince Kayla.

As Kayla worked Diamond Dog magic, Cinderella was emerging as the beautiful Doodle that she was. Despite being mocked by the other dogs at first, Cinderella Doodle became fast friends with all the dogs at Diamond Dog and all of the other dogs realized Cinderella doodle was a sweet unassuming doodle that they could trust.

At the end of the day Cinderella Doodle had become the stunning doodle that was hidden before under all the mats tangled hair. She was gracious despite her transformation and invited all of her new dog friends to visit her at the Shelter… that caused some of the other dogs to awkwardly glance at each other. Finally one of the other dogs said to Cinderella Doodle,

“Cinderella Doodle, when you are adopted by a nice family, as you are sure to be, please visit us at our homes and we will also look forward to another afternoon together here at the Diamond Dog Ball hosted by Prince Kayla.”

Prince Kayla nodded her approval and stepped back to admire the transformation that had happened to Cinderella Doodle… just about that time the clock started striking 5 O’Clock and another pumpkin coach (disguised as a white pick up) driven by a fairy godmother disguised as a member of the Fayette Friends of the Animal Shelter.

On the way back to the Shelter Cinderella Doodle sat close to the driver of the pumpkin coach and said “do you think anyone will adopt me or my friends at the Shelter?” Fairy Godmother Vic said “Cinderella Doodle you are beautiful, you are sweet, groomed and smell like a field of flowers” “You will be adopted and you will live with a nice family for the rest of your life!” “And your friends at the Shelter will have their turn to be adopted this Saturday from 8AM to 2 PM and maybe their new families will bring them to visit you and the friends you made today at the Diamond Dog Ball hosted by Prince Kayla..

So the story is mostly finished except that Cinderella Doodle hopefully is spending her last night at the Animal Shelter. There will be many of you , dear readers, who will go to the Shelter to adopt Cinderella Doodle and if you can not go tomorrow, Thursday, you can go to the Shelter on Saturday from 8 AM to 2 PM for the first, in a LONG time opportunity, on a Saturday, to check out Cinderella Doodle’s little friends who need adoptive families too.

Cinderella Doodle asked your writer to tell you that had there not been a Fayette Friends of the Animal Shelter and a Diamond Dog Ball ( hosted by Prince Kayla) she might not have been recognized as the beautiful doodle that she is. She asked me to encourage you to register to help at the Shelter by going to fayettefotas.com/events and click on the event you can attend. Also if you have a beautiful dog disguised as a matted, dirty, smelly dog, take that dog to the Diamond Dog Ball and see the amazing transformation, just like it was with CD…

Below you will see the transformation of Cinderella Doodle from top left, a doggy disaster, to bottom right, a canine princess.

Being washed
Hopeless Tangles
Cinderella Doodle arrives at the Bal
Cinderella has been turned into a beautiful girl.

And that is the story of Cinderella Doodle, EXCEPT we haven’t really reached the end of her story. A family, like yours, will write that ending and we will bring it to you when it happens.

Many adorable “new best friends” are waiting for you at the Fayette Animal Shelter.