But this isn’t a story about one of the many dogs and puppies who need homes. This is about saving the lives of a beautiful litter of kittens who came in last week.

The kittens were so young they were struggling to survive. They were estimated to be at most four weeks old when they were brought to the shelter without their mom. (the kittens had been abandoned)

These little guys could eat canned cat food but it doesn’t really agree with their immature digestion systems. More importantly kittens so young can’t clean themselves, thus, daily bathing is necessary.

Kittens this age are fragile and depend on their mothers to feed and clean them. These kittens didn’t have a mother. Just the failure to stay reasonably clean could be fatal to such a young kitten but without proper food for such tiny creatures, death could be imminent and sudden.

A “Friends of the Animal Shelter” Facebook post probably has saved their lives.

Two of the tiny kittens were adopted the morning after the post appeared. They were taken to a good home. Fortunately the person adopting them was familiar with care for orphan kittens.

Later that afternoon Vicki Fowler, President of the Friends of the Animal Shelter group, was contacted by a lovely lady about 35 miles away about the two kittens in the photo which appeared on Facebook. Shelter Director Phil Holliman agreed to meet Vicki at the Shelter on Saturday but one of the kittens the lady wanted had been adopted. She readily accepted a substitute. The substitute kitten was a little older but was a little spicy in personality having not been handled. By Sunday afternoon this kitten was sleeping on the lady’s chest. (white kitten in picture) It just goes to show what a little love yields.

The remaining, most vulnerable, kittens, the tiny calico in the photo and a black one with white socks, are being fostered in a volunteer’s home for about two weeks. (picture) They will come back to the shelter spoiled rotten and healthy. They are eating well and playing. The calico is a reported to be a very fast runner! Both follow their foster mom everywhere she goes and are in her lap the second she sits.

For these tiny kittens this is a success story.

You can help give other animals a chance at a happy life by adopting, volunteering your time at the shelter, or fostering. If you can’t do any of these things, consider making a donation to the Fayette Friends of the Animal Shelter. But remember, the single most important thing you can do is to spay or neuter your own pet. This eliminates the need to take unwanted kittens and puppies to the shelter.

There are MANY adorable dogs, puppies, cats and kittens at the Fayette Animal shelter which will be open Tuesday.

You can donate your time by contacting any member of the Friends of the Fayette Animal Shelter. (See CONTACT at Fayettefotas.com) .

Money donations can be made by credit card on any page of the website (donate button) and checks can be sent to Vicki Fowler c/o Fayette Friends of the Animal Shelter, BOX 444 Fayette, Alabama 35555