What We Will Do

Friends of the Fayette Animal Shelter is the group that helps the Fayette County Animal Shelter and the pets.

We will:

  • Improve pet services
  • Increase the number of pet adoptions
  • Eliminate the practice of abandoning pets in the community
  • Assist Animal Shelter director with his duties.

How We Want To Do It

Small towns have a lot of charm but due to a reduced population there are many services that government simply cannot afford to provide.

We are addressing a need in the community and we want to make “fulfilling that need” an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy the PROCESS as much as the RESULTS.

Take advantage of FOTAS to expand your circle of friends. FOTAS knows your time is valuable and we want to achieve the most with the least time invested.

Meetings will not be conducted except to further our objectives. They will be as brief as possible. The important things are the action.

Everyone will have the opportunity to have a leadership role, or not, as you desire.