Today Vicki and Steve Fowler went to the shelter to begin a sincere effort to find a home for Teresa (the adult dog in the pictures)

If you are not familiar with Teresa’s story, here it is.

Teresa was surrendered to the Fayette Animal Shelter with her 8 puppies…YES 8. Then to top that, 3 more small puppies were brought into the Shelter that needed nursing or bottle fed. The mother of the 3 orphans had been killed.

Phil added the 3 orphans to the kennel with Teresa and her 8 pups and Teresa nursed the 3 stranger puppies until they could eat on their own.

Now you know why the Shelter staff and those of us volunteers think Teresa (named after “Mother Teresa”) deserves to be spayed and allowed to live out her life in a good home.

Teresa did not initially want to leave her kennel at the Shelter to go for a walk. Also, Phil said she may not have ever been on a leash because he didn’t think she was open to being led.

For sure she was a little reluctant to allow me (Steve) to put on a leash and it was a challenge to get her out of the building. However, once we were outside, we began to make real progress. We made it just fine after a few minutes and even jogged a bit on our way to Wal-Mart.

While we were at Wal-Mart NUMEROUS people noticed Teresa’s vest and the cute puppy that Vicki was holding.

In the hour we were there no fewer than 10 people stopped and spoke to us and petted the dogs. 3 or 4 stated they would go to the Shelter and pick out a dog today. They stated they didn’t know where the Shelter was located or that adoptions were “No Fee”… until now.

We have many tasks we are trying to accomplish but today the big “win” was teaching Teresa how to be comfortable on a leash. Once she was at Wal-Mart she was friendly with everyone. She was especially loving with children.

Whether you have attended a Fayette Friends of the Animal Shelter meeting or not, we would welcome your participation. There are numerous tasks that need attention and everyone’s help is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to contribute your time or money, visit the and check out the CONTACT US page. Then, call or email to discuss what you would like to do.

Remember our goal: NO Homeless Pets and NO Abandoned Pets.