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        This is the story of our Bear’s rescue. It begins with a sad event…the death of our beloved old Schnauzer Jazzi in June of 2017. We were so sad and agreed we couldn’t go through that again, so no more pets for our family.


        Several months later two unusual events happened on the same day. You can call it serendipity, an odd coincidence or we like to think now of it as just plain old good luck!

        First, Jazzi’s Vet called to ask if we would be interested in taking a Schnauzer puppy whose owners needed to re-home him. Why, I asked? The reasons were not very comforting for me. He was a biter, had pancreatitis, and to top those reasons, they wanted me to settle his $800 vet bill. I politely said I would think about it but not to count on me.


        Later that same afternoon Jazzi’s groomer called. She reminded me her daughter Tracey worked for Animal Safe Haven, a rescue in Boiling Springs, SC. Tracey had told her mom they rescued a very young dog from a bad situation and they really wanted him to go to a good home quickly. Kim immediately thought of us since the pup appeared to be a non shedder.


        At first I said no, but Kim said the magic words, “Just let her send you a picture.” One look and my answer was “I’m on my way.” The rest is history.


        Steve was resistant at first but soon changed his tune.


        Bear is absolutely the best dog now it has turned out that he  doesn’t shed. He is smart and loving to all people and cats…I have to admit he can be particular about his other dog friends. Not aggressive but definitely not interested in some.

        Our first months with him were challenging. He had never been outside so there was no such thing as being housetrained. He didn’t like to walk on anything new since he was only used to walking on nasty carpeting. He had to be taught to walk on different surfaces and he still doesn’t like grass a lot. He had obviously been struck and flinched when you came near him with an open hand. Happily those days are past. He walks well on a leash (he’s lazy and doesn’t enjoy long walks), he is totally house trained and loves all people and especially children.

        It just shows that with consistency most all dogs can become good dogs like Bear!

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          Good Boy Bear!

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